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Core Values
The Razakian character by striving for these core values, the True Razakian creates positive change and inspires lives of all those around. While others may claim they produce leaders, but here at UNIRAZAK, we produce everyday HEROES


Acceptance of one's state of inadequacy and shortcomings. As a response, one shall seek to continue to improve oneself; to acquire the requisite knowledge and apply accordingly. One should also be humble before the Divine, Society, Family and Fellow beings.


The ability to understand what others are going through. The understanding will guide us in ''doing the right thing'' not just for ourselves and our colleagues but for those under our care; our students, our family, our community and our country.


To be tough and robust in the face of an increasingly challenging world. More apt for us having the mental toughness to compete, to do what is ethical, and to perform our work to fulfil our amanah towards those under our care.


To be organised in what we do; we are disciplined, we have orderly processes, we are meticulous in our planning and in the completion our tasks. We organise ourselves into a cohesive team, and we help each other to succeed in our work.


We find new paths and opportunities in the performance of our tasks. We respect the status quo but we will continue to develop and grow as we believe in our ability to create new realities. In short, we are always seeking progress.


To be wise in our affairs, and not reckless and shallow in our thoughts. To constantly be on a quest for knowledge for the betterment of those under our care. To have good judgment and mental discernment on all matters.

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